My Guru

Smita Shastri: As a Guru she has shared her expertise and experience with many students including Binal to prepare them to carry it further while developing as better and fuller personalities professionally and personally. Smita Shastri is a fantastic dancer and a very disciplined person in all aspects of teaching dance. She taught the use of Adavus with lot of Grace, Abhinaya and Intricacies of various taalas in dance to Binal. She shaped Binal with strong base to grow higher in the field of classical dance. For more information on Binal's guru Smt Smita Shastri please visit -

Bhavna Dave: She believes one of the surest ways to experience the diversity of India's culture, tradition and heritage is through its DANCE which is Indian classical and folk art. Bhavna Dave herself is Kucchipudi and Folk dancer. She taught Binal different folk dancing like Garba, Raas and Tippni from Gujarat, Lavani from Maharashtra, Bhangara and Giddha from Punjab, Bihu from Bihar and Ghumar from Rajasthan.